Reitnau, Switzerland

Widenmoos, Reitnau, Switzerland

Splendid crystal lighting installations created from the Symphony, Antlers, and Pebble collections emphasize the glory of this beautiful place.

An exceptional place where many personalities, socialites, politicians, or economists go to meet and network. A place where the first chapters of success stories are written. In the inspiring atmosphere of the Widenmoos, Successful concepts, pioneering ideas, sophisticated strategies later put into action emerge in Widenmoos. Owned by the Bühler family, the hotel has maintained its success since 1992. Sans Souci, working together with Carbone Design, took part in the recent renovations. Our designers created a medley of lighting objects for the lobby, meeting rooms, and the large dining room, inspired by the place’s invigorating nature.

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Sans Souci Lighting is a Bohemian designer and producer of decorative lighting fixtures, glass objects and architectural features.