W Dubai – The Palm

Dubai, UAE

W Hotel – The Palm, Dubai, UAE

The newly opened W Dubai – The Palm Hotel Resort located at Dubai’s most iconic destination The Palm has become a new home for a large range of Sans Souci Lighting installations.

In cooperation with DWP, a world-renowned architecture and design company, our designers introduced six various lighting installations in the atrium, W lounge, meeting room, and the breathtaking Away spa. The atrium attracts attention with a large bar composed of many glass pyramids with a metal nano-coating finish. Using various shapes and sizes of the pyramids from the processed glass emphasizes the effectiveness and environmental-friendliness of this unique installation. Located within the W hotel, the Away spa will surprise you. A Big Drop welcomes you into the spa area. This impressive dynamic glass light sculpture contains more than a thousand little lamps. Underlining water drop features up to 99 programs and color combinations via switching on your mobile device.

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