Serene Oasis

Project 5



Hotel lobbies are a space to impress. The interior should lift the mood of those who enter. It needs to provide comfort and excitement for visitors to the hotel as well as being easy to navigate. This is achieved through the right design. Creating a centrepiece to grab attention and direct your eye to key navigation points.

The tree installation is a striking focal point for the lobby, with its leaves delicately directing visitors to key places on the ground floor, such as the restaurant and elevators. The design unifies the space and elevates this simple interior, creating a luxurious ambience.


The chandelier was designed for large areas (original size 18 m x 23 m x 4 m) but could be tailored for smaller spaces. . In total it consists of 661 hand blown glass twisted leaves, coloured in cognac, crystal and sandblasted crystal. The colour selection was made to complement the soft interior design of the hotel.

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