Salus Per Aquam

Project 4



Health and self-care are essential for a happy and balanced lifestyle. The ambience of the space we visit to dedicate this time to ourselves is all important. It needs to comfort and calm us. A haven that we can enter alone or to socialise with friends and family, and leave feeling refreshed and renewed. Nothing encapsulates this feeling better than waves of water – powerful, calming and rejuvenating – which is why this is the inspiration for our latest design.

This chandelier is inspired by latin saying “salus per aqua” meaning “health from water”. It represents water in its purest form – a flowing wave of bubbles. It is a simple idea but together on this scale these components create a complex design.


The installation is 23 metres long and 2.2 metres wide, complementing the scale of the pool and creating an immersive interior for visitors to the spa. The light is adjusted to provide cooler light during the day and warmer during the night to further enhance the comforting ambience.


Our installations are designed to stay durable in humid environments, making this both a beautiful and practical chandelier for the space.

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