Lure Component Sans Souci Lighting
Lure Composition Sans Souci Lighting


The alluring beauty of glowing sun rays touching smooth desert dunes. Specs of sand glittering for a fleeting moment are mirrored in this lighting installation with a soft dynamic effect. With various components randomly lighting up and turning off again, Lure presents your interior in a different dimension. Discover the magic of light in a fusion of clear glass and golden mica, soda effect emphasized by sleek metal coating.

Jiri Svoboda

Designed by Jiri Svoboda. I have always tried to find the easiest way to an impressive work of art. It is the approach I have followed since the beginning of my career as a designer. A passion I wanted to pursue since I was a child. I was fascinated by the design of lighting even then. The combination of glass and light and the effect both can have on a space. With every object made of glass, I immediately try to find a way of turning it into a light fixture. I enjoy discovering new techniques and materials, and I like providing technical solutions because these give shape to what started as an idea.

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