Project 6

GLACIALIS, Project 6


An atrium is constantly changing. Filled with natural light, it can feel like a completely different space depending on the time of day. Located at the heart of the building, there are always different people passing through. This evolving space demands a bold installation that also changes, depending on the angle of the viewer or the light.

Our Glacialis design is inspired by melting ice. Ice is strong and beautiful and is constantly changing its structures and colours depending on the light and temperature.


The chandelier is made of slump glass, which changes energy throughout the day and can achieve elegant lines. Inspired by Nordic aesthetics, this piece transforms a simple space into a place to discover and remember.

Slump glass also allows endless possibilities for structures and patterns – f intricate art deco and complicated patterns to the simple glass walls. This means the chandelier can be further tailored to complement unique interiors and motifs.

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