Contour Component Sans Souci Lighting
Contour Composition Sans Souci Lighting


A shape formed by its outer edge. A glass leaf with an optical decor honoring its real-life inspiration, contoured by a thin gilded line. As in nature, these leaves can create a stunning composition when clustered together. A play of contours and light is shaping up if you are brave enough to let your creativity soar.

Klara Mikesova

Designed by Klara Mikesova. Klára graduated from the Faculty of Arts and Architecture in Liberec under the leadership of Bořek Šípek. She has a passion for glass emphasized by a glass-cutting certification. She believes that capturing the essence of glass is a task of a lifetime. Klára is also enthusiastic about jewelry design – in the Master of Crystal competition, her jewelry collection won twice in a row.

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Sans Souci Lighting is a Bohemian designer and producer of decorative lighting fixtures, glass objects and architectural features.