Claridge's Hotel

London, UK

Claridge’s Hotel, London, UK

Beautiful bespoke designs produced using expert glass techniques together with new lighting technologies to illuminate the iconic Art Deco interiors of Claridge’s Hotel.

Collaborating closely with lighting designers L’Observatoire International and architect and designer Sylvain Dubuisson, we produced and installed over 350 custom-made lights, fitted throughout the luxurious interiors of Claridge’s hotel in London.

Dubuisson’s designs combine contrasting curved and straight lines to achieve contemporary pieces that complement the classic Art Deco interiors. Each piece was created using opaque, sandblasted glass and fitted with two-tone LED strips to ensure unique light dispersion, creating the perfect ambience for visitors to the world-famous hotel.

Hervé Descottes, renowned lighting designer and Co-founder of L’Observatoire International, explains the vision behind Claridge’s new lighting: “Claridges is an iconic building, with such a rich history. When I was asked to re-design the lighting for the guest circulation at the hotel, I wanted to create a series of beautiful iconic moments for guests, to perfectly connect the special experience of dining at the ground floor or first visiting, to the luxury of staying there and the rooms.

First, we brought an ambient layer of cove lights that accentuated the height and ornate detailing in the corridors, and introduced a system of tunable white fixtures that warm gradually from day to night. Secondly, we needed to design a light fixture that was iconic and completely unique; that fit perfectly in the design heritage of Claridges, but felt timeless. With longtime collaborator Sylvain Dubuisson, we designed a fixture that is both beautiful and functional- with many layers of light that allowed it to provide cooler, diffuse light in the day then transition to warm, more directional light at night. The realization of the design was made possible with the expertise of Sans Souci and their experience with cast glass- whose involvement throughout the process ensured that we were able to devise specific fabrication solutions for these very beautiful pendants, that transformed these spaces and became a beautiful addition to the hotel.”

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