Antlers Component Sans Souci Lighting
Antlers Composition Sans Souci Lighting


Majestic deer are, in some cultures, a representation of love, longevity, and prosperity, but also a tranquil solitude. Antlers, in nature an imposing manifestation of strength and renewal, are here transformed into a lighting masterpiece, fit for goddess Diana. Its characteristic shapes, accentuated by contrasting crystal, black, and metal-coated gold variants, create a glamorous installation worthy of a luxury mountain chalet.

Pavel Vytisk
Designed by Pavel Vytisk. Design is like the miracle of creation. What I find most beautiful about design is when you have an idea and, later, it materializes in front of your eyes. It is like the miracle of creation.

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Sans Souci Lighting is a Bohemian designer and producer of decorative lighting fixtures, glass objects and architectural features.