Private Villa

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Private Villa, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Working together with Insignia Design Consulting, we created two original designs and one bespoke installation taken from Sans Souci’s best-loved BOWLS collection.

We designed, produced and installed a series of bespoke installations for a private residence in Abu Dhabi. The installation above the large dining area is formed of a combination of hand-blown glass balls and leaves finished in different sizes, colours and effects – including soda effect, sandblasted and clear. Every component plays its part, coming together to create a stunning centrepiece that plays with light and lines. 

The second piece welcomes visitors into the entrance lobby.  Hand-blown glass bubbles with soda effect finish float effortlessly up the stairway, drawing attention to the height of the space. LED dimmable chips are fitted to the components to create the perfect ambience. 

Our popular BOWLS collection was selected for the final installation. Custom-made for the interior in the timeless colour combination of opal glass with Aurum nanocoating, it adds sophistication to the chic interior design.


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