A Traveler's Temple

Project 1



Travelling is an experience of its own. The airport can be the first touch-point of the country we are visiting, our first impression of the place. Or it is the place where we spend the last moments before we leave, where we consider our visit and how it has changed us. The airport is an important part of the story of our trip – where it starts and where it ends.

The millions of travellers who pass through this space will experience a plethora of emotions. They may be tired, restless, excited. They are in need
of a calm, contemplative space connected to the country outside. This ambience can be achieved by shining a light, creating a chandelier sculpture that turns the space into an experience.


The lighting installation is inspired by Asian pagoda tower, featuring the several eaves and floors of each tower. Every eave of the pagoda consists of three layers of flat slumped glass, which is nanocoated or sandblasted creating an organic pattern. In total three pagodas are connected by water waves formed by crystal clear pearls, which creates the effect of light reflecting on the water. The design also features an abstract element with hand blown opal balls with LED Chips inside.

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